I’ve defined myself in various ways throughout my life: babysitter, customized T-shirt maker, magazine store lackey, secretary, stage manager, receptionist, award-winning video editor, business owner, daughter, wife, and mother. One definition always existed alongside all the others: that of writer. My writing grew with me: scarily bad poetry in grade school, laughable novel attempts in high school, a maturing sensitivity to craft in college, and a honing of writing skills in my Masters in English program brought me to where I am today.

I write mostly middle grade and YA novels, but branched into short stories on the urging of friend and mentor Jonathan Maberry. Although writing is usually a solitary endeavor, I am grateful for all the camaraderie of all my writing buddies, especially those in Jonathan’s Advanced Novel Workshop and my co-bloggers at The Author Chronicles. My middle grade novel, The Witch of Zal, was released in 2015 by Evil Jester Press. And I couldn’t do any of this without my family’s and non-writing friends’ unwavering belief in me!

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