YA Books in Progress


The Oracle of Delphi, KansasOracle-Cover-Art-791x1024

16-year-old Polly MacKay is a half-god with visions of the future—a fact her grandparents cannot accept and that has made her a social outcast among her peers. When another half-god, Nick, comes to their small town, Polly believes he is her soulmate—the one person she can be truly herself with. But when her visions of the future become visions of death, Polly starts to suspect that Nick is not all he seems. In the end, Polly must decide if her new life of godhood and belonging is worth the cost of losing the family and friends her humanity holds so dear.



A 16-year-old girl told all her life she is worthless discovers she holds the ultimate power in the universe—but is it enough to stop a war and win her father’s love?


The Forgotten PlanetForgotten-Planet-Cover-649x1024

On an abandoned Earth colony now run by aliens, 16-year-old Liz survives by changing her personality to fit the mood and needs of whoever she’s with. When Earth native Josh crash lands on their planet, he tells Liz her ability to morph is part of a larger telepathic skill set. Armed with this new knowledge of her own power, Liz is left with a decision: continue to be a chameleon and manipulate people to her own advantage, or discover her true self and free her people from slavery.

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