Short Stories


Cover for To Light and Guard, a short story by author Kerry GansTo Light and Guard

(first published in Bewildering Stories magazine, 2013)


A young mother struggling with anxiety comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare: a threat to her child. Can the mother find the strength to overcome her terror and save her child?



Dying BreathMagazine art for Dying Breath, a short story by author Kerry Gans

(first published in Youth Imagination magazine, 2014)


A teenage girl with cystic fibrosis gets a miracle—at the price of her estranged brother’s life. Can she find peace even when she feels the wrong sibling died?



Cover for World Healing World Peace 2014, containing the poem The Towers Stood by author Kerry GansThe Towers Stood

(first published by Inner Child Press, 2014)


This poem appeared in the anthology World Healing, World Peace 2014, Volume I. The purpose of the anthology was to encourage others, particularly those with political power, to view our world through the lenses of peace and healing.


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