Cold, but Warm and Fuzzy

Our furnace died Monday night. We’re kind of chilly in our house, but we’re managing. We have one space heater, which is making things manageable. My brain’s a little numb, so no deep thoughts today.

Whenever I want to complain about not having heat, I remember the Little House on the Prairie books. In them, Laura and Mary would sometimes wake up with snow covering their bed inside the house, because the blizzard winds forced it through the cracks in the roof and wall.

Having to wear an extra layer of clothes doesn’t seem that bad when I think about that. Perspective is a wonderful thing. First-world problems!

My 5-year-old daughter is carrying on like a trooper. We had a picnic breakfast in her room this morning, because the space heater could heat up her small room far better than the large kitchen. Her father and I bundled her up so much last night that she was actually hot this morning!

In spite of being cold, I have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Why?

Because the ARCs of my book The Witch of Zal are finished and out to readers! Getting my very first Advanced Reader Copy takes us another step closer to publication. It makes it feel more real. This is really going to happen!

So happy to be working with the great people at Evil Jester Press, making my dream come true!

What gives you the warm and fuzzies about the writing process?

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