Spring Book Fair 2018: Snowmageddon!

My favorite time of year is Book Fair. Luckily it comes twice a year.

Tuesday was my first shift. I got my first taste of the plethora of books this year, including Madeline Finn and the Library Dog by author-acquaintance Lisa Papp. The Fair was buzzing–especially during the Grandparent Sock Hop in the evening–so I forgot to take pictures. I figured no big deal, I could get photos on Wednesday, in time for my usual Thursday morning post. Good plan, but then…


No school Wednesday.

So today, I grabbed some shots. The Book Fair was very busy today, as we squeezed in all the classes that had missed yesterday. We’ll have a few more snow strays tomorrow, on the final day of the Fair.

Of course, as an author I love seeing kids so enthralled by books. The little kids hugging their books tight. The mid-elementary kids whose eyes shine as they bring their purchases to the register. And the too-cool-for-school middle schoolers, who pretend not to care but clutch their books with the same excitement as the littles. Stories cast their spell on all of them, and they leave enchanted until next time.

Even with the snow day, we expect a successful Book Fair. As in many schools, the Book Fair is the ONLY source of funds for new books. What’s more magical that a snowfall on the first day of spring? Stories.

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