Notre Dame Cathedral: The Rise of the Human Spirit

I have never been to Paris. I have never visited Notre Dame. But I was still brought to tears by the sight of the Cathedral structure engulfed in flames. You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate the history and artistry of the structure. You don’t need to be religious to feel the sacredness of the place.

So I watched Notre Dame burn with tears on my face and an aching heart. Taken with all the other nastiness lately, it felt like the whole world was burning. Watching the flames devouring the building, the spire toppling, the roof caving in…it seemed impossible that anything would survive.

And yet much did survive. The main structure. The bell towers and bells. The huge stained glass rose windows. The titanic organ. The altar. Many of the artifacts and artwork.

All saved by the efforts of humans who looked insignificant pitted against the enormity of the flames.

Humans working together toward a single goal, with no selfishness, no thought other than to help.

The worst tragedy brought out the best of humanity. Which us how I know that Notre Dame will rise from the ashes, powered by the best in the human spirit.

The moments of profound darkness reveal the true brightness of the light.

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