Working Vacation: Yes or No?


Some writers work when on vacation, and some prefer to take a break from it all. Of course, sometimes how much writing you can do depends on the kind of vacation you have. If your schedule is jam-packed with sight-seeing every day, writing is not viable. A more leisurely getaway, with more free time, can be a goldmine of writing time.

The main reason I enjoy my vacations to North Carolina is because I get to spend time with my fantastic in-laws. 🙂 The other reason I enjoy my vacations is because there are many more hands to keep Preschooler entertained. It amazes me how much time one little person can suck out of your day! But down there, Preschooler wants to spend her time with Grandma, cousins, aunt, uncle, and Daddy—not boring old Mommy who she sees every day all the time. As an added bonus, since we are not at home, housework cannot take up my time.

And so I get to write. And read. And do other projects like genealogy or photo albums. All the long-term projects that pile up on my To-Do lists at home.

This vacation, I went down with a list of things to do in mind. I completed all of them and then some. Checking all of those items off my To-Do list lifts weights from my shoulders. I can breathe easier, and my anxiety level drops. I feel a sense of success, of completion.

There’s nothing like shortening my To-Do list to recharge me for when I come back home.

So how about you? Are you a working vacation advocate or do you need to leave it all behind to feel refreshed?

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