The Whirlwind Begins–CoronaLife Day 901

By the time you read this, it will be September 1st. It’s pretty amazing how quickly August flew by. August 1st still felt like September was so far off, but here we are!

Monday our PTA hosted a Meet-n-Greet for our Pre-K through 1st grades to meet their teachers, do some crafts, and feel a little more at ease coming to school. We had a great turn out, even if it was predictably crazy. I roped my daughter into helping, as well, which she did even though she is “scared of the 3-year-olds.”

This week we also had our first Board of Education meeting of the school year. It was long, because we had a lot to cover. We don’t have a July meeting, which means several months of topics to review and discuss. It was productive, and it felt good to get back into it.

September 1st is the first day the teachers are back. So I have to get up early (for me) and be at the school to give a speech (oh, joy) to the teachers. Then I’m back at lunch time to help the PTA with their Welcome Back Teachers Luncheon. We love our teachers, gotta keep them fed while they work so hard for our kids!

Add in my daughter having activities a couple of the evenings, and it has been quite a busy week!

It is but a taste of things to come. As school hits fully next week, there will also be homework and eventually extra-curricular clubs.

But I will have a quiet house during the day, so I hope to find a writing rhythm where I can work at least a little every day.

Does September bring a wholesale change in your schedule, or doesn’t impact you at all?

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