Adult Snow Days

When I hear that a lot of snow is coming, I still get that same feeling as when I was a kid—the eager anticipation of a day off from school. A day to relax and play and not have to feel guilty about it, because the weather’s not your fault.

DSCN2700Somehow, though, the nostalgic dream does not translate into reality as an adult. Sure, I might get the day off work, but it’s not the same. Now I need to shovel 20” of snow off my sidewalk and driveway. It took me 3 shovelfuls just to reach the pavement each time. Now I need to be the one to ensure we have food for the duration of the blizzard. And ways to keep warm if we lose power. And something to keep the child entertained.

When you have a child, snow days are not as relaxing as you’d think. No slow, quiet hours reading books, drifting off the sleep, snuggled up on the couch. Oh, no, heaven forbid! Instead, the little one drags me out into the snow and cold and insists on “playing.” Making snow angels. Snowmen.









Rescuing her from drifts that try to eat her.


And for my pains she throws snowballs at me. Luckily, her aim is not that good.

After a weekend of snow adventures, aching muscles, and frozen faces, the insult to injury came: the child had a snow day from school. One more day of entertaining a stir-crazy 6-year-old and getting no work of my own done. To top it off, I forgot to take her to her dentist appointment, meaning I then had to take her out of school the next day to do it. I did remember to take her to Karate, mostly because she was bouncing off the walls and needed to let off some energy.

So adult snow days are nothing like kid snow days. Turns out they’re a whole lot of work when you have kids of your own. And although I am exhausted and haven’t been able to feel my nose for three days, I’m not complaining. It won’t be long before the child has better things to do than play with mommy on a snow day, and I’ll be wishing for one more snow angel from my own angel.

Snow angel color corrected

How did you spend your snow days this weekend?

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