Summer Sluggishness–CoronaLife Day 845

I always feel like summer is a time to kick back and relax. A lazy languor takes hold and I don’t feel like doing much.

That feeling must be a holdover from childhood, because the reality of adulthood is that nothing is slower in the summer. If you have younger kids that need entertaining, it can actually be more hectic than school time!

I do get more sleep in the summer, because I can sleep later now that I don’t have to get up when my daughter does. And being self-employed, my boss is very flexible with my hours.

We had Covid in the house the past few weeks, as my husband had it. While that did require juggling to keep him quarantined, my daughter and I did not get it from him.

It’s funny how much a disruption in routine can knock you sideways. As someone with anxiety disorder, I do best with routines. Because once my anxiety starts to inch up, things fall apart. And with the state of the world lately, my anxiety is always simmering very close to spillover.

But things at home are back to normal now, and I am starting to regain my footing.

Now I just have to convince my adult brain that summer is not, in fact, a vacation.

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