Even Kids Can Change the World

A while back, Roni Loren talked about author themes—recurring themes that happen in almost all of an author’s work, regardless of genre jumps, etc. And recently Jami Gold talked about finding an author tagline to help with branding—a tagline to let people know what you write about.

Now, I am not great with titles and pithy taglines. So I still don’t have an author tagline. But I did start thinking about what I write and what it’s really all about at the bottom line.

So here it is: I want kids to know that being who they truly are is powerful, and that their power can change the world.

Sounds kind of lofty, doesn’t it?

When people, especially kids, hear about changing the world, they think big. Becoming President or curing cancer or brokering world peace. And doing any of those things is intimidating, overwhelming, and must wait until they grow up.

But here’s the secret: little things change the world, too.

Making a difference in just one person’s life can change the world in ways you may never see. It will certainly change that person’s life. And that causes a ripple effect as his changed life impacts other lives.

Kids can do that. They can make a difference to one person. Every child has the ability to perform an act of kindness or generosity. They can reach out to the new kid in school. They can help tutor other kids. They can shovel the sidewalk of the elderly person next door. They can volunteer for causes they are passionate about. They can speak up for people being bullied. They can smile at someone who is sad. They can give their birthday money to a cause they want to support. By listening to their hearts and following their passions, they can make a difference today in their own world.

Make one difference; you change the world.

This may sound overly-idealistic to some. Sometimes it sounds that way to me, too. I’ve been around the block, I know how cynical and hard the world is. Except that I have seen the difference a single person can make. I have been touched by a child that never spoke a word, yet spawned an incredible tsunami of kindness.

So I don’t have an author tagline, but that’s why I write. To tell kids that they are powerful, even when they don’t feel like they are. To tell them that they can make a difference, even when they don’t think can. Because the world needs change and they are the ones to do it.

One person can change the world. And you are never too young to be that person.

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