Summer Wind Down

AI Path2For those of us with children, the beginning of summer meant a huge shift in our schedules and more demands on our time. Which translates to less writing time—and often more frustration.

Now the end of August is here–the summer wind down. In some places, school has already begun. This time next week I will be luxuriating in the quiet of my home as my daughter has her first day of school. This is also her first year of full-day school, so it will be strange and exciting for both of us.

I know I will spend the first few days of school “wasting” those precious 6 hours of quiet time. I will do things I want to do, like photo projects, genealogy, reading, and maybe even napping. I know because I have done that every year for the past 3 years of preschool. After those first few days, however, I will set up a schedule so I can use that time to the fullest.

During this last week of summer, however, things are winding down. My daughter’s last swim lesson is this morning. Our final vacation is in the books. Lazy days are ending as the school ramp-up begins—forms to fill out, lunch accounts to be opened, school supplies to be bought, first-day-of-school clothes to be chosen.

While the return to school means a return to schedules, the start of September also brings a gear-up in writing. After an (unintentionally long) summer hiatus of my critique group, we finally met again this week. What a pleasure it was to see all the comments peppering my manuscript! To talk shop with others as thirsty for camaraderie as I.

AI Beach 2And maybe now I can finally shake the last of the summer doldrums that grip me every June. With no more lazy morning lie-ins, no more redolent hot afternoons, and no more sitting by the ocean (even if it’s only in my head), my mind should snap back into focus and get back into top writing shape.

I feel the way I always did as a kid—I loved summer when it started, but was always eager for school come September!

Does September mark a shift for you? Or are you past the point where you experience a summer wind down?

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