My Lost Week

Last week, I spent four long, exhausting days in a small hospital room with my 10-month-old. I didn’t get a word written. And I started to wonder what on Earth I could blog about this week, since I hadn’t done any writing. It was a lost week.

Until I realized that writing about not writing was the blog topic.

My blog’s subtitle is “The journey toward publishing while parenting.” Sometimes the parenting comes first. I can’t tell my 10-month-old to stop babbling so loudly or to stop pulling up on everything she sees or to stop wanting to play with me. I can’t postpone testing until it is convenient for me. I can’t tell my baby not to be sick, or not to cry, or not to need me. I’m her mother. Period.

I have talked before about finding a balance between my writing life and my mommy life. Mostly, I have maintained it, but this last week I fell off the balance beam. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I was pushed off by events beyond my control.

So I spent 72 hours in a hospital room, playing with my baby girl. She was getting an EEG, so she looked like a cyborg mummy – gauze wrapped around her head, wires trailing wherever she moved. And I played with her, smiled with her, laughed with her, read books to her, and walked her around and around in circles.

I got no writing done. I got no social networking done. I got no blogging done.

But I realize now it was not a lost week. How could it be when I spent it cocooned with my baby girl? Getting to know this amazing little person she is quickly becoming?

Best of all, the EEG showed everything normal—my baby girl is healthy. Which means I can look forward to many more years of occasionally being knocked off the balance beam. I’ve learned my lesson, though:

I may not write a word, but time spent with my daughter is never “lost.”


  1. Great post, Kerry! And congrats on that EEG! You must be very, very relieved!

    It’s nice hearing about how writers manage to balance all of life’s responsibilities. I really don’t know how all you Moms and Dads do it…but Kudos!!!


  2. Missed you at the critique group, but you surely had more important things to attend to. Glad the test results were good. Now you can celebrate your daughter’s great health!

  3. Nancy Keim Comley says

    You’re right, sometimes we don’t have a choice!

  4. Great news about the EEG! Now it’s just grist for the mill.

    William Haloupek

  5. I’m happy to hear your little girl is all good.

    And you know me – my four kids have made good sport of knocking me off every one of my balance beams for more than 20 years.

    Little do they know that I let them do it, because most times, whatever they want me to do is a lot more fun.

  6. I am very, very proud of you, Kerry! What an inspiration you will be for sweet Katie!

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