Anticipation Angst—and Announcement!

If you’ve ever visited The Goose’s Quill before, you are no doubt looking at the screen wondering what the heck happened. So here’s the announcement: What happened is that I have a brand-spanking-new website, and my blog is now integrated with that. After you’ve read the blog, feel free to poke around and see what else I’ve been up to.

Meanwhile, I am experiencing what I call anticipation angst. You remember that feeling when some exciting event approached—like Christmas or the start of summer vacation? A taut push-pull between anxiety and excitement. That’s where I am in the publishing process for The Witch of Zal.

People outside the process don’t realize how much waiting is involved in traditional publishing. Between every step of the process is often a stretch of time where the author sees little happening, but much is going on behind the scenes. I am in one of those phases now. And I am sure that when things do start happening, everything will happen at once and suddenly I will have way too much to do!

How does one combat anticipation angst? By keeping busy. I have been doing some things that I know will be needed down the line to market The Witch of Zal. I have done book club questions, am creating visual quotes to use as memes, and working on a Teacher’s Guide. I also have been editing a short story I’ve been trying to get back to for a long time. My critique group work keeps me both reading and writing, and there is the normal round of blog posts every week.

And of course that doesn’t include taking care of my preschooler and the normal chores of living. So I think I have succeeded in keeping busy.

I am enjoying every minute of my journey so far, and I am so excited to see what happens next!

How do you deal with anticipation angst?

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  1. Congratulations, Kerry! Ugh, anticipation. The hurry-up-and-wait stage. Right now, our family is in this stage regarding my son’s college plans for next year. I find myself managing it by trying to focus on the next thing only. Then I practice letting the rest go. Since we’ve done all we could do for now, waiting is the best solution. I agree with your approach to tap into other projects or reach out in new ways in the meantime. It helps me, too. Otherwise, I’m stuck with my impatient thoughts, and who wants to hang out there?

    I’m inspired by your hard work and excited for your book’s release!

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