Book Fair Fall 2016: Bookaneers!

Ahoy there, mateys! This week I’m helping out at our Fall Book Fair at school. Scholastic’s theme for the Fall Fair is Bookaneers!

Book Fair Fall 2016

Our Book Fair happened to coincide with Talk Like A Pirate Day on Monday, and a number of the teachers and staff got into the spirit of the day by dressing like pirates and speaking pirate-speak. Even our Principal/Superintendent dressed up!

Book Fair Fall 2016The Book Fair started on Monday, but yesterday was my first day helping out. We had a Kindergarten and 2 first grades come through to make Wish Lists to take home to their parents. I so enjoy the little kids’ excitement when they come in! Their eyes get big, and they would probably take home every book if they could.

This year, I also saw some amazing community spirit within the school. In one period we had some 6th graders help the first graders write their lists, and when the Kindergarten came in some 8th graders came down especially to be buddies and help them out. I saw one energetic young man juggling 3 different clipboards as he jotted down the information for his charges. The older kids all did this with patience and good spirit, and it made the little kids feel special to have their own buddies.

Book Fair Fall 2016The community spirit in our school extends beyond our classes, though. This year we set jars out (one for each grade), and kids could put in the change they got from their books. All the money raised is going to a school in Louisiana that lost their library in the recent flooding. And the class that donates the most money gets tickets to dunk our Principal in the dunk tank at our Township Day this weekend.

The Book Fair has been a favorite of mine since I was in school. Working at it as an adult has given me a whole new appreciation for how books can energize kids, and how eager kids are to read if they can just find books that speak to their interests. The more books we sell at the Book Fair, the more money the school library gets to buy books for itself. In many schools, the money raised at the Book Fair is the ONLY money the library receives all year to replace worn out books and buy new ones.

I encourage you to support your school’s Book Fair as much as you can—it really is full of buried treasure!

Book Fair Fall 2016



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