Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian OrchestraSometimes among the frenzy of the season, it’s good to take a break and relax a little. So last weekend my husband and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We managed to pick the only day so far that we have had ice and snow to go to the show, but we arrived in good time.

While the seats in the Wells Fargo Center were a squeeze even for my small frame, they were in a good position. My husband would have liked to be closer to the stage, but once the show started I felt that being as far back as we were gave us the best vantage point for all the special effects.

Most people are familiar with a few of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s songs—most likely the Wizards in Winter, which many people use in their fancy Christmas light displays. Their music is energetic, rocking, and enthusiastic. Their stage show is mind-blowing, with psychedelic lasers, flashing strobes, a huge screen with quick-cut montages, and pyrotechnics.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra




So needless to say, I had a panic attack.

After spending the first 20 minutes of the show with my eyes closed to block the sensory overload, the worst of the panic ebbed and I could relax enough to actually watch (most) of the rest of the show.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Their first act consisted mostly of a themed story, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, tying all the songs together. The story itself was simple, but it served its purpose to frame the music admirably. The second act had their older hits, rounding out the night with a mix of ballads, jazz, and rock.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Audience lighting up a ballad

Trans-Siberian Orchestra





The lead band member said they had been together for 20 years. I would love to see what their early shows were like. Neither technology nor budget would have allowed for the early shows to be anything like they are now. A video on the evolution of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would be fascinating.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

When the lights came up, a haze filled the building. For one moment of blurred reality, it seemed the haze had made its way outside, for a dense fog filled the warming midnight air.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The music was wonderful and the show amazing. I am so glad we got to see this dazzling Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas show.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a happy, peaceful holiday season.



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