On Being a Low-Energy Person in a High-Energy World

I am tired All. The. Time.

I don’t sleep nearly enough.

I don’t eat as well as I should.

And although I average about 7,000 steps a day, I’m not sure “chicken-without-a-head” steps count as real exercise.

So it’s no surprise I am tired.

But I think it’s worth asking: Why? Why am I cutting my sleep short? Why am I opting for the faster meal rather than the better one? Why am I not making time for more focused exercise?

Because there is too much to do and not enough time. The modern world is high-energy, and I am not.

I see people who can do everything I do and more. I don’t know how they manage. Somehow, they have the first 10 things on their to-do lists done while I’m still on number 1.

They are high-energy people. The type that makes me tired just watching them. I am low-energy. I always get things done, but it takes longer. Takes more time. And time is in short supply in today’s world. Hence the shortcuts.

Am I taking on too much? Probably. Most people are in today’s day and age. So perhaps I need to prioritize and prune a bit. And I know my anxiety has been high for a while now. This matters because the way my anxiety works is to make me feel massive fatigue to deter me from engaging in anything.

Sleep deprivation and general overwhelm exacerbate my anxiety, creating a feedback cycle. I need to break the cycle so I can pick up the pace of life a bit.

Even if I do that, I will still never match the high-energy people. But if I can be even a little more productive, I will be happy.

Do you ever feel like your natural energy level doesn’t match the demands of our modern life?


  1. Annette V Ashley says

    Yes, My Low Energy Affects My Everyday Daily Life. Low Energy With High Demands.

  2. Eva Balogh says

    I realised by myself, that must be an explanation, why am I always in behind with all of my duties. I really think my energy level is lower then the average. That becomes even more visible, if I meet someone who is extrem high on energy. For me it would suite a slower paced world, but now it not the case. So, I have to survive with shortcuts an so on.

  3. Asuna Chan says

    You speak to my soul. I know there are more people out there like this. Tbh I had often contemplated suicide because I am so drained and tired because I am always rushing. But I am not like other high energy people and I will never will be. So the best thing I can do and am doing right now is to live my way and not care about the things high energy people may mainly care about. E.g. I am just focussing on my hobbies and how to live slow paced. I don’t have a career and it’s fine. At the end we all die anyway. I want to spend my last days on this earth doing things that lift my soul. Time and pressure is the factor that ruined pur planet in the first place. slower, simpler living would do the world a favor.

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