My Hands—CoronaLife Day 411

I think I’m getting old. I hit 50 last year (thanks, 2020!) and I am now disintegrating. I was doing a plank challenge with a group online, and when I got to 2 minutes my knees started hurting, forcing me to switch to a modified plank.

But worse is my hands. Last week, I totally overdid it. A ton of computer work, and mostly repetitive motion. Unfortunately, I did not listen to my hands and stop when they started complaining, but pushed on. Finally, I had to stop—my hands were stiff, sore, and had pinpricks.

Since then, I have tried not to use the computer much. I have been taking my research notes with pen and paper. I also switched to a mouse instead of the touchpad, to change up the motions needed. My hands have calmed down somewhat. They still ache a bit, and the pinpricks come and go depending on the activity. I fear I have done permanent damage. Is this the first flare-up of arthritis? Some kind of carpel tunnel?

Whatever it is, I don’t care for it. It is almost impossible not to use your hands, especially for the computer or smart phone. I have no idea what I will do if I have to severely curtail my computer use. Everything I do is on the computer!

Anyway, I am keeping this short to spare my hands, which are already starting to complain again. Hopefully by next week I will have better news!

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