Home Sweet Home – CoronaLife Day 103

We’ve passed over 100 days in our new way of life. Does it feel like a new normal to you yet? I think it actually does for me. Those first few weeks in March seemed to last for years. April and May flew by and now here we are staring at the end of June.

As many of you know, once the stay at home order was lifted both here and where my parents live, we decided to get tested so we could go see them. After nine very long days of waiting, my daughter’s test came back (negative, as mine had been), and we set out to see my folks the very next day!

We had a good, socially distanced visit. We sat in the shade under the trees in their backyard, ordered in food to eat, and only went indoors to use the bathroom right inside the back door. We wore masks in the house and of course washed our hands thoroughly.

After several hours of socializing, a random rainstorm swept in and chased them inside and us into our car. It was only about 20 minutes before I was planning to leave anyway, so not much time was lost. It felt so good to see them in person again! My daughter made her Grandpa a Father’s Day card that said that “when this is all over I’m gonna give you all the hugs I got.” I second that emotion!

We picked up my daughter’s stuff from school today, and now it’s sitting in the garage to quarantine for a few days (it’s not like we needs anything from there, it’s been at school since March!). My daughter was happy to see her teacher (from across a table, outdoors, and both masked) in person so she could properly say goodbye for the summer.

Some of you may remember the twin fawns born in our yard on Mother’s Day. Well, tonight I was making dinner and looked out the back window and there were 2 fawns in our yard! They seemed to be hiding out while Mama does adult deer stuff. They nibbled a bit at the clover, then settled down in the longer grass to wait. After dinner and until night fell, they had moved to under the tree in the middle of the yard. Wonder if they will still be there in the morning. We are assuming they are “our” fawns. They both look strong and healthy. It was nice to see them again.

Our world seems to have settled into a new routine. Stay healthy, everyone!

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