Energize Me: Going Solar

I have never been a high-energy person. Not one of those “dynamos” you hear about. I always just plugged along through my days. Since I became a mom almost 5 years ago, my energy level has reached new lows. It’s not as bad now as when my daughter was an infant needing feeding every three hours, but I still feel in great need of a nap most afternoons (my daughter stopped napping AT ALL in January).

So I would love to find a way to up my energy that does not involve chemicals or caffeine. I can’t drink caffeine because it sets off my anxiety and gives me panic attacks.

Where else can I find some energy?

How about the sun? We’re getting solar panels put on our house. Tapping into the limitless power of the sun is an awesome idea. Cutting our power bills while lessening pollution? Fantastic. I love doing my part to combat climate change—and show my daughter that I am trying to do right by her, her generation, and our planet.

The other cool thing, for me, is that in case of a power outage, we still can access some of the power from our array (during daylight hours, of course). Not much of it—just enough to charge cell phones or laptops and maybe run a fan if it’s hot out. Not enough to run the fridge or microwave or stove. But to know that even in a Sandy-like power outage I can still write on my laptop? Huge!

So I am happy to be moving forward with energizing my house. If only I could find a way to energize me! My master plan is to figure out a way to bottle my preschooler’s infinite energy, sell it, and become a bazillionaire.

Or maybe I could just install a solar panel on my forehead…

How do you stay energized?

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